Things Not To Say To Gay People

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Can be my gay best friend. So he plays a man. How do you have have sex.
You dont seem gay thank you thank you so much its okay. But how do you have sex. I dont really want to tell you our friendship.
Were not that close none of your business. Id say ive got this question so much from people who have just met me by oh. How do you have a sexy scissor um.
Thats not a thing is scissoring a thing. Yeah. If you type in like to google teenage lesbian.
You just need to get a load of poor and lesbian porn. Is often made for straight men yeah rather than for lesbians. And its like my experiences are not represented in any way.
Here people just think sex is vagina and penis. Its still a dick in a hole mate. But its not its so much more than that healthy photonic relationships.
Do we have healthy representations of gay people in the media. Please does that mean you fancy me there no no i know this person theyre gay. That is the worst.
No im usually the one thats like um. Do you know any gay people. We dont just fancy.
Everyone we think about her and its hard like we still have a type you know guys they can be quite offended if youre like well no of course. I havent fancied you i fancy hardly anyone like i dont fancy anyone if we were all equally attracted to each other music. I mean.
But that would be no tinder no tinder like you just walk down the street first person you see youll be down. You could be my gay best friend oh no shut the fuck up its really quite objectifying. Its so patronizing.
No one ever says that to me dont they nothing because youre a lesbian and she was like oh. My god youre gay.

someone who tells it like it is straight-0
someone who tells it like it is straight-0

And she sort of stretched her arms out and went in for the hug. And she was like i love gay people and i was like you can fuck off if you based it on tv shows and films youd want to be friends with a gay guy over a lesbian. Why why cant you just have a best friend.
That was like moody. And like that like a vegan feminist. Also it makes me seem like im an accessory.
Im not an accessory. Were like pet bye are you a vegan no im not a vegan. I like to live.
I known people to purposely try and be friends with someone because because theyre gay get me out shopping on my bags hold my hair back. When i go out look. After me give me my new gay best friend.
We can go shopping. We can go cocktail bar stuff. Like that no it should be can you be my gay pa.
Rather than best friend. Because the things they want you to do is actually more like a pa. But you dont seem gay the worst question okay ever.
But youre youre too pretty to be gay and im like whoa and i i said. I was gay and hes like no youre not hey maybe youre not maybe maybe you just havent met me. Yet.
I think i have gaydar you gave us a thing i hate talking about it i think that the god does exist oh im gonna wear a rainbow. All day long the idea that you know if you dont seem gay thats great your passing is straight. I know i need to shave my head get loads of piercings and like just walk around with a strap on music.
I mean you are gay. Oh. No i dont mean it like that i dont mean youre homophobic.
What do you mean when somethings horrible or crap. I mean at school. It was literally like every other thing.
Anyone said was thats okay you dont realize that youre by proxy youre associating gay. People yeah.

someone who tells it like it is straight-1
someone who tells it like it is straight-1

I was like okay. This has just gone too far youre literally replacing a negative word with something that isnt negative. Its one of those things that people still say even though they know they shouldnt say it and youre like why why do you keep saying that you were one of my best friends like how do you think you know what its such a force of habit and i was not afraid to have it break the habit break the habit or should we just start going oh thats so straight.
Thats lame. I dont really hear it that much anymore no. But i do use it when youre using it to negatively describe something thats not putting me in the best position to feel confident about coming out as a gay woman.
Im allowed to reclaim that word and use it yeah. They dont realize that theyre taking quite a large part of your identity music. Its not natural.
I mean. What is i literally hate that so much that is just offensive like your face is a natural. Having um.
Everyone be the same seems less natural for me. And she was like oh adam is for eve. Not for steve.
Ive had a lot of people telling me to go to hell. Its just nice and its so boring like stop doing it like what the hell and actually in the whole like animal kingdom animal kingdom. You know it exists.
Theres gay ducks. Its about two days ago. Yeah um on the 4th of september.
Which is beyonces birthday. Well mine was last week. Yeah yeah i was watching rupauls drag race and its just interesting i just clicked the experience.
Ive had is when people say are you supposed to be gay. Because youre looking for attention. I remember for a long time.
I was trying to choose not to be when coming out for me came with this like torrent of abuse. Why would i have ever have chosen that its like im gonna im gonna trick myself into right now but it doesnt work no it doesnt get worse. There was a stage where i liked boys and girls and then i was like okay no i just only like women.
So when did you decide that you were straight. And not gay and then you realized actually yes yeah straight up gay. .

someone who tells it like it is straight-2
someone who tells it like it is straight-2

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