Three Ways To Tie In A Peep Sight

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Video was brought to you by yamaha proven off road atvs and side by sides. Sides. Hey archery talk.
This is lucas and right now. Im going to show three different ways to tie in a peep sight on your bow depending. Which method you left the best all you need are a couple different peeps.
Some serving a knife and a lighter and youre good to go before we get started. If you could like share and subscribe that really would help the channel. Now lets get going so method number one is the one i primarily use for my target bows and all i do is i grab a couple feet of serving maybe two and a half feet and i take about three inches of it and i stick it through the top here just enough so it rests in there.
Im not really trying to do anything else and then from here on im just going to try to go over that tag and a little bit maybe with people with four or five turns try to counter mode with the best. I can theres five then im going to take that to lift that tag end up a little bit every few turns. Ill cinch it down a little.
I ate there call it nine maybe ten total ass go. 12. Just for fun okay.
Theres theres 12 ins on the top and now. Im just going to come down one side towards the peep. So do my first knot in there its gonna cinch.
It in tighten to kind of hold off that another serving in place try to keep a little pressure on and i usually will do five or six half loops here down this side of the string and try to evenly space them as best. I can help if i kept that string a little tighter. I dont think theres a set distance you need to keep between the spaces.
But youll try to do the same amount of a the same amount of loops here on the on the top because im going to do on the bottom on the other side. When i get to that in a minute one more on this a very clean cut. There which would be make life a little bit easier okay.
Lets give me that one two three four five six loops on there now all i do is ill kind of come across here one and a half times again trying to leave pretty keep that fairly tight on the peep. There we go and now im just gonna do the same thing on the bottom and as they do it on the top. So im gonna do one up there just cinch it in tight.
And then do some half loops on here. As well yeah. Cleaner cut.
There would have been much nicer for this process. But you get the idea there we go and now im just gonna start wrapping here. I did.
12 loops on the front. So im gonna do about like i start off with about six here at the bottom two three every few few turns snug it down one two and three so once i get my six here. Im gonna give myself feet.

how to tie in a peep sight-0
how to tie in a peep sight-0

Im gonna bring the loop around the back here and do a little back serving. So im gonna do six loops this way three four five and six lay it down there. And im just gonna wrap the opposite way as i just did and six and now i use my tag end to pull that tight cinch it in you pull fairly tight.
Just dont want to break it do the same thing with that top one pull it tight now i just cut off my tag ends. Careful not to cut my string. And i burn the ends up this one over here.
As well and thats method number one thats what i primarily use in my target bows. I kind just like how it looks with the serving going along the sides. My second way to tying a peep sight is the one i learned the first time.
I went to a bow shop. And i got a bow sit up and the guy at the tech. Did it much the same way.
I did the first one over. There you got 18 inches. 24.
Inches. Of serving put the tag in through. Here.
Do a couple of quick wraps. 2 3. 4.
Thats probably enough for there tighten that up real good take this up real good. There and then well come back and do 6 7. 8.
More or less these numbers arent specific. But theres a theres 12 on there for now and now what im gonna do is gonna back serve. It much the same way you saw in the first one except.
Were just gonna do at the top half. So. Im gonna do again.
A few loops over here 2 3. 4. 5.
6. Lets go. 7.

how to tie in a peep sight-1
how to tie in a peep sight-1

And then im gonna lay that down and again were gonna unwrap it just the same way we did the last one im using slightly thicker serving than i would normally use just so i can hopefully give you a better idea of what im doing usually like youd really thin black serving. But this one i hope will stand out a little more on camera because after you after you back serve. It there youre just going to pull it through and then tighten it up and then the top half is done and in much the same way.
Im going to cut off my two tag ends. Fairly close to the string and well burn those down. There.
We go the bottom side is literally just going to be exactly what we did on the top and just opposite. So again. Well take there take our tag and put it through a little bit.
And then just wrap a couple times. Towards the peep once twice three for get this get that take end of the way tighten them up a little bit one two three four five six and seven. I think seven is what i did i just i could keep better track than im doing here for the video just trying to give you an example sorry now and now im just going to go over here and back sort of that the same way.
We did over this way. We came this side so one two three four five six seven lay that down and we started on the winding process three four five six take our tag and keep the top and pull it through nice and tight once again snip off our tag ends burner ends. And were pretty much good to go.
Because i have once had a peep sight fly off high when i shot it and poked me in the eye. I also like just make sure everythings gonna be okay you know well also tie in this separately as well and ill probably just do you know ill probably do three knots on there or two knots. There we go keeping the groove of the peep.
Theres just a little bit of added insurance for just to make sure you dont get yourself in any trouble again. And again. You would just the same thing cut off the two tag ends away from the string.
So you dont cut a string do a little heat. And there you go thats method number two so this is again this the one. I first learned at the bow shop.
I dont really use it much anymore. But its a really solid method to keep the peep sight in place the third and final method. D.
italia. Peep sight is the one. Ive learned most recently.
I picked this up. I know a year or two ago from a tim gillingham video and ive really liked how simple this one is its the easiest one to use to put in for me. And i like to use that on hunting bows.
A lot especially my own personal hunting bows. So all you do is you can you grab two feet of serving and i like to tie it around my peep. A couple of times make sure i get the links relatively close here so once around the bottom once around the top.

how to tie in a peep sight-2
how to tie in a peep sight-2

Another half around the bottom stay staying in the grooves and another one around the top. I usually do a double up here because i find it just holds in place really well twisted. It a little bit.
There my strings are three peeps eyes in it. And its not behaving as well as i would like anyway. So thats the thats the beginning of this thing and from here on out.
Its a just a series of half hitches. So ill come up one side. And ill put in probably a half dozen half hitches so and tuck them down nice and tight.
Im gonna put them too tight cuz. I gotta take them off this boat later and then the main method had main reason. I dont like using this bow.
This method on test bows is that these are very difficult to remove all of these little half hitches. The peep stays just rock solid in place. But it can be very difficult to remove it after youve done all the work so im trying to tighten it too much ago.
If this was the bow. I was if i was keeping it on this bow. I would definitely since hes down a little harder that im doing not hard enough to break the string.
But very taut now well give it one more just for fun. And there you go thats the top half done and now you just do these the same thing on the opposite half on the bottom so again. Ill do my first one over here that ill cinch in nice and tight up top.
There so it doesnt lose its a so stays in place. Rather. And then follow that with another five or six more just simple half hitches.
It is the easiest way to tie in a peep sight. That is almost guaranteed not to move on you if you if youre cinching. It up a little bit tighter than i am right now.
Ill just do two more in here. Real quick now you want to make sure youre doing the exact same amount of the top of the bottom. Im not keeping the track.
I should be here right now. But i think im within one then thats it were done on this one just trim it away from the string. So we dont break the string rather boom little burn there little burn there and thats mesh that method.
Three is complete alright archery talk thats it for me. Thats the this is now got this hypervalent fitted with three different peeps its. So im going to go in the range and see if anybody notices thanks.
So much for watching and well see you again soon. .

how to tie in a peep sight-3
how to tie in a peep sight-3

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