Titling a motorcycle without a title???????

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Youve decided. Its time for a new project you find that one bike bike you hit the seller up. And you hear those two horrible words that yount want to hear no title so you move on right because no title yes.
Thats a uphill battle. You dont want to deal with or is it im going to show you the process that i used its a title a bike. Without a notarized bill of sale and without an existing title.
Now before we go down this road of how to title bike. Without a title. Theres a couple things you need to be cognizant of one the year and the cc of the motor for the bike are very important youre on the hook for this so this is your bike.
This is your purchase youre the one thats gonna be titling it so if anything goes wrong. Its on you so make sure you do your homework do your vin check go in the jail for a bike that you bought and pleading ignorant. Its not gonna save you and theres no bike worth going to jail for make sure that this process is going to work in your state.
Now i live in virginia. I dont know where you guys are at this may or may not work in your state. So do the research before you go down this path.
If you dont feel comfortable with it. But you found a bank with no title youve done your research everythings good to go absolutely. No problem having a titling service.
Do it for you but im here to tell you you can do it yourself what were actually gonna do is apply for a title registration and plate from the great state of vermont. They do more than maple syrup. They had one of the states with the most lenient in open titling programs that you can find im going to show you the forms you need how the fill amount.
And what the actual process is and i am actually going through the process myself for this kicker 5150 bobber alright so on to the paperwork. Theres gonna be two documents that you have to fill out the links to the two documents that youre gonna need are in the description. Below first being the bill of sale and odometer disclosure statement.
Youd want to print. This one off and take it with you before you buy the bike. Because you can have the seller fill out all the information.
But because it is not notarized. Theres no notary section on this if you already purchased the bike. But you know the sellers information or maybe you dont theres no verification of any of that so its a possibility im not telling you to do this and you didnt hear from me.
But its a possibility that you could have one of your buddies. But their information as if they were the seller and sign it thats totally up to you again. You didnt hear that from me.
Lets go through the form. So first is the sellers name the year of the bike. The make of the bike.
The model and in the body style is motorcycle or mc. The primary color of the bike and then you need to know the length of it i measured from axel axel on this particular bike. Then you need to put in your vin or serial.
Number. The odometer reading that to is thats your name you put your name here. The date of the purchase goes here for how much how much was the transaction for and because you havent had it inspected in vermont.
You would say no sellers signature the date of the cell. The sellers address sellers phone number sellers email address. Then this is your section.
You being the buyer you fill this section out the date. Which shouldnt match. Because youre buying it on the same date that theyre selling it your full address your phone.
Number. In your email address. The second part of the bill of sale document is the odometer disclosure statement.
This is just to verify the mileage make it a bike model year body type. Which is motorcycle or mc primary color of it the vin or serial. Number this would be your odometer reading.
And again. Were only through the sellers information again. So this is the portion that the seller is verifying.
The information. Thats in this these boxes. Here sellers name sellers.
Phone. Number sellers full address including city state and zip. The seller signature and the date of the transaction.
Now remember all this stuff has to be the same as on the bail self document make sure all your stuffs in a row. Before you send it or are you just wasting your time buyers name thats thats you your full name your phone. Number your address including city state.
And zip your signature and the date. Thats it for the bill of sale now. This is the actual registration tax and title application check that box again your name your address your city state.
And zip your email your phone. Number. You dont have a vermont license.
Number leave that blank your address your city your state. Your zip. If your male female or however you identify yourself your birthday.
And i didnt do a co owner. So i didnt fill this part out dont mark yours up just leave it blank the birth date of the seller.

how to get a title for a motorcycle with a bill of sale-0
how to get a title for a motorcycle with a bill of sale-0

Who sold it to you that would be the seller they need to put their full name here. The date which needs to match on everything else their full address and then their signature again and you are applying for a new registration. So you know check new registration.
Do not fill out anything in this section. And this is for a motorcycle. Now were going to get into a little more information on the bike itself make model the year.
The bike the body type which just like on the bill of sale. So thats motorcycle or mc primary color. The bike the mileage on the bike when you bought it and then youre gonna put in the serial number of the vin.
The number of cylinders if it was new used or rebuilt. This particular case. It was used and theres a gas powered bike number this is all for trucks and trailers.
So we dont have we dont have anything to do with these sections. So were skipping those again dont mark yours up. Im just doing that to make it easier to follow number of wheels of course.
This is a motorcycle. So this is an important part. Remember this accs is the motor for the bike and skipping mat alright.
Now this is the part where were gonna have to do a little bit of math. The purchase price for the bike. What you bought it for goes.
Here the nad a value all right so what vermont wants to do is get the most money out of this transaction. And taxes okay. Im just being straight up with you guys so look up the nad.
A value for your bike. The good value na. Da.
Is what theyre gonna put here now. Whichever is the most if the na da value of the bike in good condition is more than the what you pay for theyre gonna tax you on this amount not this amount okay keep that in mind registration fee for motorcycles in vermont that dollar amount is 48 you put in 48 here. Your tax is a percentage of the purchase price or the na da value.
Whichever is higher you add that here i will double check that tax amount and i put it up on screen right about here were not doing a chant transfer theres no warranty. Theres no fuel user credits or anything like that there shouldnt be any other now youre gonna total up your registration fee in your tax and thats gonna be your total down here thats what you have to cut a check for for that amount you got all your papers filled out everything looks good you then put it in an envelope and you address it to the department of motor vehicles 120 state street montpellier vermont zero five six zero three you put everything in your envelope. Youve got your papers in there.
And you put your check in there put a stamp on it and you send it away. Then you wait i have the wait three weeks for mine. Youll receive an envelope actually youll get two at least i did youll get one this is your registration certificate xerox copy of your registration form that you filled out keep that with all this documentation.
And youll also get your vermont license plate. Youll also get your sticker take it to your local dmv which im about to do right now and tell them that you need to title register and plate your fremont motorcycle in your home state. Which in my case is virginia well.
Im back from my local dmv and it worked very successful trip i took my paperwork from vermont told. An employee at dmv what i was trying to do that i had a vermont title in my name for a motorcycle. But i was a resident of virginia.
I wanted to title register and plate it for virginia gave her all my paperwork. There was also one form that i had to fill out once i got there for me in virginia. That form number is vs.
A 1 7. A should look like this a application for certificate of title and registration name the same stuff that he did before make sure it all matches. I only did the registration and everything for a.
Year so total cost involved today for me was 4850 walked out with a new virginia plate my registration and stickers and i just put everything in the binder and in a title. Easy. I now have a fully legal state inspection.
2010. Ticker 50. 150.
200. Cc bobber. Now the only issue.
I ran into was when i went up to the counter and presented. My paper for the young elliott was there who was very helpful very nice by the way told. Me that she couldnt issue me a title.
Without the previous title. This is where it pays to do your homework. If you run into that you let them know that vermont does not give titles.
And this is where the ccs and the year come into play full circle. They do not issue a title for anything on the under 300 ccs or over ten years old. Thats the key to the system.
The bike has to be under 300 ccs or over ten years old. I told her that and she immediately went and checked. Theyve got this huge titling book that kind of goes through how each state handles their titles.
And then what that means for virginia and she came back. And said. Youre right your title is coming out of the printer right now.
Were gonna get you out the store as soon as possible if i can do it you guys can do it. And maybe this will cause you to kind of give a second look to buy a bike without a title now. If you know that this process is out there for you guys to take advantage of hopefully this video wasnt too long.
But hopefully i had a cut any important stuff out but thats it dont want to keep rambling hopefully you guys learned something from this and i have a couple other projects project bikes that i need to go through this process on so im gonna leave you guys with that and im gonna go fill out some more paperwork so until next time get up get out there and do it music. .

how to get a title for a motorcycle with a bill of sale-1
how to get a title for a motorcycle with a bill of sale-1

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