Town of Salem – On Jail (Ranked)

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Music applause music i have just made a mistake that i am going to regret regret that mistake being eating a starburst now i like starburst. I enjoy still risk feel like a lot of people enjoy a starburst. But it just all these fruity candies like starburst skittles sour patch kids they like they linger in my mouth and its just like its just kind of there and its gonna stay there even after i brush my teeth.
Its just gonna like my mouth is going to like feel like i just ate starburst yeah like the worst thing in the world. But still i would prefer yellow starbursts. Best starburst music.
Okay and starbursts to jail. The arsonists night 1. Starburst jailer like one i didnt ask for tp look out.
And i should have i just wanted to say yellow star versus best servers because i mean its true sewell bodyguard please tell who you are i lets see what happened were i didnt die do you like im kind of throwing by not coming out. But hey i hate being i feel you for sure i feel you so lets see what happened buzz wilkie your target is suspicious slappy was roadblock all since you guys posed by the sheriff execution of werewolf. Rookie says.
Theyre veg. I mean doesnt matter that sabol is evil. I mean wookie goes up oh.
Im on james. But whatever buzz is fake focus on the confirmed evil all right parents loaded this. Oh wait.
No samuel sewell. Didnt vote this up. Im chilly by the way teepees get your asses on me.
Checker winners. No one cares yeah. Im just saying i feel you guy whos trying to be me nice 1x.
Who said that but you know when we have votes no im good i dont like stink you dont have yourself get this guy dismal pizza. He didnt vote is ass up. I see cts rhett no youre not you a red piece of whats this guys in iraq a feder sid oh im gonna claim retribution is executing.
Im gonna claim bretton jail ha ha ha ha shut your ass. Up. Trust.
In you. Yeah. Well.
I. Trust buzz off off. Okay.
So t1 is vet. All right hang. James.
And he is which then james dies music so james russell is jester and im just gonna execute him like that was trash its not which yeah he claimed it but if no which i know. But where are we getting this from ill switch besides russell azs jesters foot okay right proctor claims of age what. 7.
Is julia yes. Im joey and then he so this is the guy who said nobody cared right eg right. Well see that i just want to kill him honestly.
But you entered this i dont know i feel like i need to execute this guy cuz. Im dead. Im not dead this is actually very very good i dont trust you.
But you know what i guess youre the only other ti claim right whoevers invest here right somewhere. Im honestly getting confused by all the sams in the jameses. Im gonna im just gonna be straight up on the white a mafia killed him yeah i should have executed her know if savile is evil.
Then yeah. Well youre not confirmed bg. One isnt our so one cant be our so could be gf jaelyn to to shut the up stink.
Remind me of your role should have hanged one. Yeah. I agree boat up stink.
Yeah. Id like to vote up stink and you know what it so i dont know i mean we dont have okay so this got voted bodyguard vet remember stop playing this game. Its just a duck is more sauce roll look man you it dudes.

how to jail in town of salem-0
how to jail in town of salem-0

I think it ate up okay bye. This guys a sheriff. I dont know why he oh well slappys slappys good slappys confirmed slappy isnt to give order or so hi.
There and this isnt my best game jail 13 or 513 is the only other 13 is the only other ti clan are so just left. Hes not our so the this is godfather. I think proctor.
I mean yeah. Its either proctor stink. Nice abstain which yeah yeah could be which i guess is also very true actually.
I think slappy probably is yeah. Yeah yeah. So you know what i should i know.
But ya. Know you said you were veg killing this will confirm last one who do i shoot nobody john proctor youre both immune theres no point i can get controlled good point. Its controlled by witch.
Okay. I dont know why this guy left. He cant be our so were okay old is it did i lose count on my knights nope so i was witched.
Fifteen and five. I mean that medium vg youre not confirmed stink and i mean yeah. Its i want to hang five since 5 is clean go ahead.
Im useless yes. Youre the claim. I believe that your veg.
But i cant have which controlling you so music dude edge. Then which and control you yeah. Its just guilty this.
Hes execute. 15 trust. Me.
This is veg no way. This is veg. Yeah.
I feel like i made that a little bit more sketch than it had to be. But thats dog leaving screwed evils. Pretty hard sorry guys yeah.
Well yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I dont that i might have practices. Jailer. And i get really really confused with all like john proctor.
John hathorne. James russell samuel parris. Samuel sewell.
Just all the default names like just pick a damn name man pick a damn name yeah. I wish i could have had more conviction. This wouldnt have been a good execute.
He just said he was vigilante and im like it like youve raised a good point. Why why would you get witched. I have one where excuse me nothing gonna use it on you and the witch.
Just saved his life. But yeah. It is i didnt trust james russell by the way because he said he had his will weird.
He said. Like night two i investigated yarra can you is n s gf. But i was wished i dont understand why people do that why not just have witch in your will i dont care who you said you visited cuz.
He didnt go there. But thank you guys for watching. And i will see you in the next one you .

how to jail in town of salem-1
how to jail in town of salem-1

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