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There. Fellow travelers mark here with walters world and today. Were at the minneapolis minneapolis st.
Paul international airport and today we have for you are some travel questions you are fans and viewers have sent us and these are more general travel kind of question things out there were gonna talk about how to get through customs quicker. What do you do if you lose your passport to hotels give. You converters.
If you need them things like that so lets get started. Now. Our first question is from mama.
Freethinker and mama. Free. Drink your eyes.
Marc. Whats the best way to get through quest path. Whats the best way to get through customs quickly well first thing you got to realize is you will never ever get through customs.
Too quickly just realize that first so if youre booking your flight. You only have like an hour between mmm. I dont think its gonna happen so.
But theres some things you can do to actually get them a little bit sooner through theyre not necessary quicker. But get ahead in the line first things first go pee before you land one of the biggest mistakes. I see people make is hey they get off the plane after they land and before they go to the customs and check passports and stuff.
They go potty okay. The thing is is now you may be in the front of the plane well everybody else the rest of the plane has already gone through it as youre in the bathroom. So make sure you go pee.
Before you land so get that out of the way. So you dont have to go right. When you get on the land.
Okay. Thats the first thing second thing when youre booking your tickets booked is far in the front of the plane. As you can ill see you know first class would be great.
But i cant afford that and i dont know if you can either so you can get farther to the front thats gonna get you a little bit quicker.

how long does it take to get through customs-0
how long does it take to get through customs-0

There another thing that i see people make mistakes with is they get in the wrong line. Make sure if you have an eu passport. And youre flying to the eu get in that eu nationals.
Line if you come to the us make sure you get in the. Us citizens. Line if you have a us.
Passport. Following those things can actually help you not get back farther than the line because honestly. Nothings gonna get you to the front of line okay just not gonna happen alright so just just know that so be prepared and there are these few things you can you can do.
But really just make sure you pee first thatll save a lot of time right. There. Now our next question is from zen zen binem.
Obey. No sorry if i dont say your name wrong. And she writes how to travel frequently to cold countries from shes as third world country.
Were flights are super expensive. So i know for my friends that going from brazil and nicaragua. One place like that well they fly to europe if theyre going to madrid and stuff like that the flights arent too bad but they want to go to like stockholm or suite.
Or you know stockholm and oslo or stuff like that those flights can be prohibitively expensive. So if youre looking to go someplace. Thats really expensive to fly to from your destination.
Like for example south america to europe. What i recommend is find the cheap flight to like a madrid or a rome. Whatever that cheap country is from your country do that and then once you get to rome or youre in madrid stay.
A day or two and then take like an easyjet flight or a wehling flight. One of those cheap airlines that only cost 100 euros round trip. Instead of having to pay extra six or 700 for that connector flight.
When youre flying from a costa rica or something like that thats one thing. Weve done a lot is weve flown to that the other site and then you use the cheaper domestic airlines or cheaper you know cheap airlines to get other places okay. So thats something you can do another thing.
Id say is if you cant do that is when youre gonna go double up.

how long does it take to get through customs-1
how long does it take to get through customs-1

Dont just see denmark. Go see denmark and sweden. Are ghosting.
Norway. Sweden and finland. Do those things and make it a longer trip because yes the flights more expensive.
But the thing is is if you spread that all over more well youre only find once versus twice. And that can actually save you some money okay now my next travel question is from the 13 ant gaming. I like that with the far team at gaming and they say hey what do you do if you lose your passport.
So one things one things for sure is once you realize you lose your passport. One thing is check everywhere to make sure you didnt lose it someplace and just drop. It another thing is if youve got pickpocket or something like that once you realize.
Its been taken or something like that what you want to do is backtrack. The way you came and look in the trash cans and the bins on the way back a lot of times. What pickpockets will do is theyll take whatever they tank and they just look for the cash and then they throw the wallet or whatever else they have in the garbage.
Buy there. If youre in italy. The cops will tell you that hey just lets check the bins around here and we know people they they found their wallets and they got their cards and just the cash was gone your passport check those things first okay another thing.
Though is if you do lose your password. It is gone contact the copy that your countrys consulate or embassy. Thats in the country that you were visiting at that time call them up and set up a meeting to come in because theyll be able to get you a quick passport back and one thing.
I always recommend is have a copy of your passport with you. But also have a scan of it in your in your emails and stuff. Like that so you can have one because it makes a lot easier for them to get you a new passport.
If you have that scan you have a version of your old one okay now the next one. Brooke johannah writes do hotels ever supply converters. So she was writing about hair straighteners and hair curlers and things like that you know how they kind of blow up when you use them abroad first things first youre gonna take it to the hair straighteners.
I know i dont have much hair. But hair straighteners curlers things like that if youre going from like the us to europe or europe to the us dont even bring them unless theyre specifically for traveling and they have those set up for that because otherwise it doesnt matter if you get a different plug for it its gonna blow it out okay so just just dont bother thats one thing. But the real question was you know asking about do hotels supply converters usually hotels do not supply you a converter.
Thats up to you to have one now.

how long does it take to get through customs-2
how long does it take to get through customs-2

The thing is sometimes nice hotels will have some and sometimes smaller hotels might. But theres no guarantee so. What you need to do is ask if they say no we dont have one to borrow what you could do is actually ask hey can i check your lost or found.
And borrow one of the plugs for the night or something like that because ive actually done that when ive had my luggage to be lost. I didnt have my cord or something like that or i need an extra cord. Actually we need an extra cord for the boys and i asked him hey do you have an extra iphone cord so i can plug in my kids ipod and theyre like oh we dont.
But theres some loss of sound. But you need to bring it back totally fine so do ask those things and if you dont have a plug and you have like a phone or something like that if you only have the cord. Remember you can plug it in the back of your like a flat screen tv and stuff like that that will charge it up too.
So you do have that now another one. We have is from d. Last and d.
Last ask me mark have you ever thought about taking a break from traveling not really something i guess sometimes i have so the probably one time of the year where i kind of kind of want to chill out on it is if you didnt know that im actually. A professor in my in my in my day job and during april. I have a lot of exams and finals and stuff like that and tests and projects.
I just get overwhelmed my normal work and so usually april is the month. I do take a break from traveling this month. I did travel a little bit around our area where we live.
But in general now i dont ever think about taking a break. I love it i know some people you do need to take a break sometimes because you can get burned out thats why one thing. I say is when people do travel.
If youre gonna be gone for two or three weeks. Make sure youre planning a day here or a day. There just to give you a do nothing day because otherwise those museums just blur.
Together and youre like i cant do any more museums anyway those are some general traveler questions that you our viewers sent us thank you so much everyone that sent these in im sorry if i didnt get a chance to like put the thing in here because my computer is acting up so this is a phone video uploaded from an airport so thank you so much for everyone oh one person did write and leonardi asked mark how can i get one of the shirts pointing at one of our shirts go to walters worldcom wo ltrs worldcom. Slash shop and their links below. And you can get our different shirts.
We have with a little tiny logo or a big logo all kinds of stuff on there anyway. I want to say thank you and have a great time traveling and bye from minneapolis and hopefully. Ill see you somewhere around the world.
Bye and thank you for all. The questions everybody hopefully well get that italy video out later this weekend. .

how long does it take to get through customs-3
how long does it take to get through customs-3

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