Undertale – EASY how to TRUE RESET! (For Speedrunning + MORE)

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What is up ladies and gentlemen youtube desire cheap badass bringing you a tutorial video video on how to true reset your undertale save state. So you did a genocide and you sold your soul to cara and you want to fix it and get your soul back or maybe you want to just speed run. And know how to quickly clear out your safe state.
So you can submit your runs. So they can be properly verified because if you got no soul cant be on the speedrun leaderboard. But to start this off this icon right here in the lower left hand corner.
Im doing this on windows 7. So its going to be a little bit different for you on windows 8 or windows 10. I recommend doing a little bit additional research.
But the location of the folder and everything is going to be pretty much the same click on the icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen. And in the search box right here youre going to type in percentage app data. Percentage now if you have a folder that pops up that says local thats where were going in my case.
We have roaming. Which is in the same general area so im just going to click on roaming. Its going to open this up and from here in the middle on the top.
It says app data because its going my local c drive users eg thats me ab data roaming clicking on app data. Were going to see the folder that were looking for which is local in the local folder. Which were going to expand scroll down towards the bottom of the list and youre going to look for a folder called undertale.
This is where effectively your undertale save state is now to clear out your safe state.

how to do a true reset in undertale-0
how to do a true reset in undertale-0

You basically just straight up delete. This if you have the drm free version of undertale if you have the steam version of undertale however you probably have cloud sync on by default and what that does is even if you disable. It steam checks.
The cache for any save information that every single time. You launch the game. Making this little folder little file come back every single time.
You start up undertale system. Information. 962.
Thats from doing genocide. Now for the drm free version. You just simply delete this folder.
Every single time. You do a speedrun whatever you want a true reset. You just butt delete it in youre done.
If you want a speedrun and like you got the steam drm version. Then theres two ways of doing it you either corrupt. That cloud sync to get rid of that file.
So it never comes back again or theres this method that im going to be showing you but before i show you.

how to do a true reset in undertale-1
how to do a true reset in undertale-1

While youre here and your app data. Local folder expanded right click on your undertale create a shortcut of it and put it on your desktop. So you can easily just come back here every single time you complete a run you want to clear it quickly.
Etc that way you delete the contents of the folder instead of the entire folder itself now inside the folder. This right here. System information.
962 for selling your soul to kara whatever taints your stay is saved. So. Then you get like solace.
Pacifist endings. Every single time you start up the game and play through it if you want to disable this and delete it like forever you have to disable cloud sync and corrupt. It this second method.
Which is really easy and highly recommended and give you the same results and allow you to do speedruns. You know as if youre doing a true reset. Its a true reset either.
Way is you simply right click on system information. 96. To go down to properties up here on the tab.
Youll see a security tab click on that on the middle over here it will say edit and youre going to click on edit now down here it says read and execute simply check the deny box youll automatically check the box for the read and what this does is it makes it so your system can modify this file for doing genocide routes tp whatever.

how to do a true reset in undertale-2
how to do a true reset in undertale-2

But it wont read it the game will not read it when you start it up making. It so. If you cant figure out how to do the the cloud sync corruption crap thing for the drm thing.
This is by far the fastest method you could possibly do and you just simply go through all the groups and user names and do the same thing and make sure. Its set to deny click the apply hit ok hit. Ok.
And youre done. Thats it every single time every single time you start up the game or do jyllian genocide. Runs.
You will never ever see any sort of indication of you doing a genocide run before giving up your soul. But you will have to delete all the other contents of this folder. Before you start another run.
It has to be a fresh restart. If youre doing speed running. If you just want your soul back.
Then you dont have to necessarily delete your other save information. But just make sure that this file here is disabled or deleted. Anyways.
I hope this video was informative for you ladies and gentlemen hope you guys do consider liking it and if you like anything undertale related or you like speed running of undertale. Please consider becoming a subscriber anyways. Ill catch you guys next time bye.

how to do a true reset in undertale-3
how to do a true reset in undertale-3

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