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Dolls welcome back so today im going to be showing you step by step step how i install my list for a week. So the first thing. Im to do is called the stocking cap method and all i did was braided my hair into two braids and i placed a new stocking cap on top and then im taking my guys to be freezing blast spray and im spraying like the edge of where my hair lines stop it and then im gonna take my fingers and spread out the product music music got spread out the product.
Im taking my blow dryer and im placing it on a cool setting and im just going to blow dry you into this hard and dry once this dry. Im just taking my scissors and im going to cut off the excess cap and i just try to take my time and cut off like as much as i can music music music. So once im finished cutting off the cap.
Im taking my face powder and im just you know just pick whatever color is close to your skin tone. And im just going to place it like all over on the cap. So that it will match my skin tone and so when i park.
My friends who look more like flesh then im taking my guys to be and im going to seal it so thats all for the stocking cap method now im going to start prepping my skin for my friendsll application. I am using glue so im taking my 91 alcohol and im going to clean like my forehead where im going to be placing the glue at and its going to ensure like no makeup and oils or anything that is on your forehead. Because if you do its not going to stick.
So i use the nine eleven percent alcohol. So next. Im just gonna take my unit and place it on my head and im just trying to position it where i want it and im taking like the front part and pushing it back out my way so it wont get any glue or anything on it so once i position.
My unit where i want it i want to take my comb and im going to part like above my ears like right. Where my ears are at the top and im going to take my scissors and just cut that extra lace off so. That the frontal can lay nice and flat behind my ear music music and once i finished dead.
Thats when i cut off the extra lace in the front. Where my hairline is now im taking my guts to be and im going to be using it as a scat protector music next. Im taking my glue and im going to place it like im trying to put it like on my forehead.
But i dont have much forehead space. So i am putting it like on the cap and as you can see a little my edges are out but i used a hair diagram my lace glue remover and it dont pull none of my love hair that i do have left you dont put none of it outs. So just be careful when youre removing it if you do it properly then e1 pull your hair out and you will be okay.
But since i dont have forehead space. I do put like a little on the cap and a little on my edges.

how to put on a lace wig-0
how to put on a lace wig-0

So im only putting one layer of this glue on and then im going to take my blow dryer on a cool setting and im going to blow dry it and it takes me like five minutes. When i blow dry or like 15. When im not blow drying.
It and you know its ready when you tap the glue with your fingers. And it just bounce like right back. It like dont be stringing with the glue or anything.
Thats when you know that its ready now im just taking my time and placing the lace like one side at a time. And im not really pressing in the lace into the glue and so like i finished. The whole thing.
And then im going to press music music. I started off using a comb to like press. It in.
But i didnt like it. So i just started using my fingers music right here. Im using my 91 alcohol.
And i just put some on a towel. Because that look cotton pad. I was using was leaving like fuzz all over so im taking my towel and cleaning up the extra glue that was left behind.
So yeah. Music music next time had to cut me a few baby hair. I really wont like no extreme baby hair.
So yeah. Im just taking my razor comb and put in a few baby here to do my baby hair. Im using the guys to be blasting spray and i spray it on back in my hand.
And i take my comb and i just dip it in there and like i do my baby hair. I dont know why i like doing like this um.

how to put on a lace wig-1
how to put on a lace wig-1

I think its because like its not really wet like if i was to use like a gel or something and then like the balloon are all the way dry. So i just used my blast and spring and it works well for me music music music music. Were gonna take my curling wand and a flatten out my french.
So like im just putting it on there letting everything down so it wont be so bulky and ive been filing a girl on youtube. Her name is so char. Shes dope you guys like shes so good with friends like they look so bomb.
But she used a what it is its called a oppressing calm like hot comb. So i will be picking up that when she use it like everything just flipping out so good like oh. My god i love the videos.
But anyway. So yeah go check out charge. Shes bomb.
And if you have a hot comb girl. You said. Hot.
Comb. Honey music music music. Oh.
I know yall. Like what is she doing. But yall.
Ive been using lately. Ive been taking my jam and warming warming it up on back of my hand and placing it like in the front like where my friendsll is and i really like that look you guys like i know how jam king you know being greasy sometimes. But im telling you like my front like its the next day and i running my fingers through it like i dont have any problems with it being like greasy or oily.
I really love the look and a flat iron. So so good so im just taking my arm jam and im just putting it in the front of my friend sue and im taking my curling.

how to put on a lace wig-2
how to put on a lace wig-2

One and like pressing it down. And i just like a little peaches on. I just like it music music music.
So now. Im just taking my curling wand. And im going to put some big curls all over and im going to style.
It like i wanted like a push back look. But i wanted some curls. So yeah music music music so guys dont forget check out my website.
If you want a week made like this or if you want to buy the hair. This is the luxe collection body wave. So yeah this hair is gone if you want to order.
I will have the links down below in the description bar. Okay. So yeah music music music music you guys so much for watching.
I really appreciate it dont forget to comment down below. If you like this look. Im think im getting better with my friend tools.
Im not where i want to be. But im doing way better than her bus before yall. My first friend to video.
So yeah. I came a long way and i just want to show you guys like my new way that i do my friend tools. And i hope you guys will like it comment.
Down below thumbs up this video for more and i love you guys bye bye. .

how to put on a lace wig-3
how to put on a lace wig-3

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