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re gonna dominos pizza where are we going dominos pizza so where we we going down is this really happening we like to apply for a position ats absolutely i want to be the the guy that makes the pizza that i can eat so lets uh wash your hands. And thats good stuff go. How long should i wash my hands for well we usually just say sing happy birthday a couple of times.
So lets pretend. Its your birthday. Happy birthday here ramon to you at where they do the second verse.
First thing you always got to do is you got to put your beats team down first. But half your screen down first youd have your target after you scoop the dough ball out of the know tree. We do what some processes call forming the edge thats your hands.
Do all the work thats what replaces. The rolling pin to touch it up and make it look pretty we finish it up with what we call the windshield wiper just a simple left right smoothing out the sauce onto the pizza you always want to go into the cheese bin one time because it saves us seconds on every pizza you make a couple thousand pizzas that saves a lot of seconds and bam into the other so are you are you ready pick any screen you wanna do is choose where youre gonna build your pizza and it starts with the screen you got it grandeur all right guys julias doing it yeah got nailed thats not good it was stretching. Were stretching it let your hands.
Do all the work. Shes got a great manicure thats all that really matters folks that look good put it on the screen. Oh yeah look at her go music alright guys.

how old do you have to be to work at dominos-0
how old do you have to be to work at dominos-0

This is where the magic bombs cuz week has gotten from an in they get bacon for breakfast. The intensity is real the speed the precision the accuracy. This is dead pretty sure in the other hands all right is this different go or different feel like patrick swayze in ghost music are you sure you get married.
Seems like you guys might have a relationship though i know your favorite pizzas. Pepperoni and mushroom put it on jana jesus. King.
Any pan pizza gets a layer of shredded. Provolone. Then the sauce out of the bottle.
Then the cheese on top and build asuna and then build whatever the hell. I squirt bottle that little squirt bottle. Too good job like hows that out 24 pepperonis thats all yeah.
Thats it forever highs on first pie. Ill get better i swear music so were doing bread twists and im pretty sure. This is new on the menu of this it replaced breadsticks music.

how old do you have to be to work at dominos-1
how old do you have to be to work at dominos-1

Applause music ramons going to do a large pepperoni pizzas. The goal is veal under 30 seconds thursday. Were gonna start the clock in three two one go time.
I dont know hi guys now were on in the philly cheesesteak pizza. It gets laid down with american cheese slices first then he gets the philly cheesesteak. The other peppers.
The onions of mushrooms and then topped off and more provolone cheese thats a philly cheesesteak pizza guys. That is phenomenal. Hell be using the pan gripper stances for balance like its good i cut from the middle.
How so that i dont write the topic. I think thats not now the hard parts folding feet spot oh is it one say its harder than thats from experience from eating all those beaches. Yeah.
Theres no that bad there does i look at the too bad of a job thats making me hungry. Im looking at that was it worth working at dominos per day did you learn a lot and learned that i really loved sauce and that you can put sauce on top of cheese and then put more cheese on it and thats a really good idea you want to give a big thanks to ramone helping us out you made my dreams come true i got a pizza. Its not over yet because were about the surprise.
The house party tonight tonight is tonights gonna be late the excitement is bringing the energy is bringing the energy music .

how old do you have to be to work at dominos-2
how old do you have to be to work at dominos-2

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