What is E6000 industrial adhesive glue used for? – pros, cons, uses, instructions, drying times

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Im lori. This is maker high and today. Were gonna talk about e6000 e6000 now before we get into the main video.
I want to point out that comes in clear black and white just so nobody gets confused. Im gonna start off with the pros. And i love this stuff.
One of the things i really like to do is spread it out on a silicon sheet. Wait for it to dry. And then cut it into the specific shape that i want i cut it into this strip and you can see there that i took a sharpie and marked off one inch.
Because i want to show you guys just how elastic. This is it is crazy this can actually stretch up to seven times. I just dont have the hand strength to really stretch it out that far and it will just snap right back into its original shape.
You can see there right back to the one inch mark.

how long does e6000 take to dry-0
how long does e6000 take to dry-0

It really is kind of amazing. Its a glue. But its also kind of a one part flexible epoxy.
I dont know why more people dont use this it is also waterproof. Which is very useful. It is non flammable once it is entirely dry.
It is photo safe so if youre using it for archival quality. Youre totally good there you can use it indoor and outdoor in extreme temperatures. And im going to do celsius for people who arent here in the states you can see that it takes paint really really wellit is entirely self leveling.
Which is pretty cool you can also throw this in the washer and the dryer. Which is how i found it in the first place because i. Saw that on the front and i was.
really and that was years ago .

how long does e6000 take to dry-1
how long does e6000 take to dry-1

I have been using it for so much stuff ever since like probably use it for more than i should. But one of the things that its really popular for is attaching trim and rhinestones. If youre gonna do this just make sure you use a you really thin coat because that is all youre gonna need and i like to apply it with a toothpick just because it gives me more control once you have it where you want it just press it.
Down and. It usually takes about four hours to dry . And this is only after an hour you can see the kind of bond.
Its already forming between the rickrack and the fabric. Its really crazy i will recommend waiting the full 24 hours for it to cure. Though before you throw it in the washer and the dryer.
The other thing. I really like to use this with is glitter now again. I think you guys know that i make puppets and sometimes i need the glitter to be really flexible and most glitter glue is not however when i use it with the e6000 and i mix it up it stays really really flexible especially if im doing the spread it out cut it out method and you can see it doesnt lose any of its luster at all it still looks really shiny and actually once e6000 starts to dry.
It will actually contract away from the glitter.

how long does e6000 take to dry-2
how long does e6000 take to dry-2

But still hold on to it. And that is one of the things that you have to remember with e6000 that as it dries it contracts. But you can see like thats like a super close up view.
So you can see how much the glue is retracted. I also like to use this with silicone molds for making puppet eyes because once it dries. I can kind of cut it and shape.
It and do what i want to with it its really lightweight. Its super flexible if you do decide to use it with silicone stay away from dollar store. Because its not 100 silicone you can see here it does hold on to the sides of the mold.
But when it dries it does contract and i used it with some stickles because i like stickles too anyway you can find this at a bunch of different retailers in different quantities. Just make sure you get the color that you want its up there in the corner. Black white clear you can find this anywhere from walmart to home depot now real quick here are the cons and im gonna save the biggest one for last so do not use this with acrylic paint you can paint on top of it with acrylic paint.
Dont try to mix it in it will immediately dry and harden also this stuff kind of has a mind of its own and once it starts coming out it wants to keep coming out.

how long does e6000 take to dry-3
how long does e6000 take to dry-3

So be aware when you take off the lid to do it over a protected surface because its its coming. And its not stopping laughs. It will stop eventually and once it does the other thing you really want to make sure is that you do is to clean off the nozzle before you put the cap on it if you dont its gonna be really difficult to take off youre gonna get these glue.
Boogers and you know. When i forget. I always need a pair of pliers to take mine off so yeah dont do that learn from my experience also the bigger glob you use the longer.
Its gonna take to dry and cure. Now this is after an hour for a big glob and you can see theres a skin on it. But the inside of it is not cured at all you can also apply this with a bag.
Now remember this is self levelling. So even if youre like very very precise. Its still gonna spread out and the other thing youre gonna want to remember is not to use it with styrofoam because its going to eat right through it like pacman just nom nom nom also make sure you use this in a super well ventilated area or with a respirator.
It always makes me dizzy. If i forget to do that so yeah really important dont forget to like subscribe share. And i think thats it for this video.
If you have questions leave them in the comments below and im gonna see you guys in the next video okay bye. .

how long does e6000 take to dry-4
how long does e6000 take to dry-4

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