Why did Germany Invade the Soviet Union? | Animated History

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Video was made possible by our supporters on patreon if you want to join the the community and help us reach our next goal consider making a pledge. According to hartman in his book operation barbarossa nazi. Germanys war in the east the german invasion of the ussr was a fight for existence between the 20th centurys two greatest totalitarian movements and a conduct of both sides was correspondingly extreme both nazi.
Germany and the stalinist soviet union. Fought the war as though it were a crusade. But only two years earlier these powers had aligned with one another and assigned to the molotov ribbentrop pact.
Im griffin johnson. The armchair historian and today. Were going to be addressing three main questions first.
Why did germany and the soviet union. Sign a pact of non aggression to begin with secondly. Why did germany choose to disregard the agreement and invade in the summer of 1941 and lastly why did the soviet union fail to anticipate and properly respond to germanys abandonment of the pact.
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how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-0
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-0

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A few hours before daybreak. Joseph stalin. The leader of the soviet union is awoken by his head of security who notifies him that zhukov.
The chief of general staff is on the phone with important news. It took the heavy eyed dictator. About three minutes to answer and when he did he found out that the soviet citys bordering.
Germany were all being bombed by the german air force. An uneasy silence followed war was on the horizon. And stalin had made perhaps his biggest blunder.
Yet soon after the soviet military officials were gathered in the kremlin meanwhile. The soviet minister of foreign affairs vichu slav molotov. Whose signature had sealed the non aggression pact that bound germany and the soviet union.
Together was summoned to speak with the german ambassador. He was presented with a formal declaration of war to which molotov. Stunned asked what have we done to deserve.
This he was well within his rights to ask such a question after all the agreement named after him had established a pledge of neutrality for a duration of ten years and marked out spheres of influence for both countries in poland. The baltic states. Finland and romania.
It had ensured that the germans would continue to receive their much needed shipments of wheat oil copper and other raw materials directly leading to the german soviet commercial agreement which allowed germany to whether the british blockade not to mention the pact had also allowed germany to gain breathing space in the east and to assert dominance over the european continent. Without repeating the events of the first world war on numerous occasions stalin had been confident that this alone would quell any threat of german invasion proclaiming. That hitler and his generals are not so foolish as to start a two front war.
The germans broke their neck on this in robo. One hitler would never risk such a thing. But stalin was terribly wrong since hitlers rise to power in the 1930s anti communist and anti slavic sentiments continued to fester in germany and hitler used the communists living in germany as scapegoats to assert total control over the country.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-1
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-1

Blaming them for the reichstag fire in 1933. Among any other things. Furthermore.
The slovak people living in germany and europe as a whole were considered to be untermensch or subhuman hitlers grandiose vision was to therefore replace the slavic population in germany and russia with german settlers. This idea was called lebensraum or living space to hitler the molotov ribbentrop pact was a means to an end and at least according to prevailing sentiments among historians. He always intended to betray stalin.
However it was also possible that for a time hitler considered the possibility of a world order consisting of germany. Italy japan. As well as the soviet union in november 1940 hitler had met molotov in berlin and laid out a proposal.
The british empire would be gutted and split between the afro mentioned countries. Which would all respect one anothers spheres of influence in constantine pleasure coughs book called stalins folly. The tragic first 10 days of world war ii on the eastern front.
He says that it was at this point that stalin became confused and over ambitious demanding from hitler. The whole of finland. Romania and bulgaria and also pieces of turkey.
Hungary. And iran. What was happening in europe.
Seems. So extraordinary that every wild scheme was now feasible drugged by the orgy of destruction stalin. Thought he could get away with almost anything stalin may have also reasoned that germany and the soviet union.
Were in some ways uncannily alike and that germany owed the soviet union. Some gratitude in his book. Christian hartman discusses how both countries were former great powers that the first world war had left weak traumatized and dismantled.
Both had forms of government that were entirely new to them and both were totally isolated in international politics. It was no coincidence that these two outcasts found their way to each other in the treaty of rapallo. The treaty he names arguably paved the way for the molotov ribbentrop pact.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-2
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-2

It normalized relations between the two countries led to the renunciation of territorial and financial claims and gave german troops access to soviet territory to conduct heavy weapon training. That was banned under the treaty of versailles in any case. Shortly after stalins coveted proposal was issued molotov.
Was dismissed from berlin and the soviet embassy. Never received a formal response palchikov provides a simple explanation as to why claiming that the demands looked outrageous to hitler and the fear believed he was the only one entitled to megalomania regardless of whether hitler at one point or another genuinely entertained the prospect of a globe shared by stalin. A viewpoint that is tenuous at best an invasion of the soviet union.
Offered him a unique opportunity during the battle of britain the british. Fiercely resisted to the germans and showed no signs of wanting to pursue a peace settlement. Hartman lays out hitlers thought process as the western front stagnated.
What tempted hitler more and more was the idea of a global blitzkrieg in which each war would nourish the next if one ever really tackles a colossus like the soviet union hitler revealed to his military advisors. It breaks apart far more quickly than the world would have guessed hitler. Later conveyed.
These musings to the german people during a speech in june of 1941 declaiming that you only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down. He was as wrong in this assertion. As stalin was with regard to anticipating.
Germanys next move this brings us to our final question. Which weve already in part addressed stalin. Did not think hitler would open up a two front war.
But he did not discount the possibility of a german invasion after britain was neutralized as of 1941. The summer of 1942 was stalins estimate. But his estimate was an entire year off furthermore.
We now know that it was not a defensive war that stalin was preparing for she wanted to strike germany first pocketing its main force. Which he believed was massed in southeastern europe engaging it decisively and then marching through the balkans toward berlin for his distrustful and. Paranoid a man as stalin whose great purge resulted in the deaths of 600000.
People there were many red flags that should have alerted him to the reality. That hitler would be invading sooner for one german planes regularly flew into soviet airspace. Which prompted zhukov and the peoples commissar for defense simeon tomash enka suggests shooting them down.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-3
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-3

But stalin quickly brushed them aside. Having been assured by the german embassy that the incursions were merely a result of too many young untrained luftwaffe pilots getting lost conveniently. These pilots were getting lost while flying very low over a strategically important soviet locations.
Moreover. The german government receives permission from stalin to locate the graves of german soldiers who had perished during the great war in russian territory again to the disdain of zhukov and timoshenko these grave hunting missions were in actuality. Intel gathering operations and they would prove to be very useful to the german military in the coming months.
Stalin also received numerous spy reports as well as a warning from churchill himself. Which may have actually had the opposite of its intended effect because of churchills vehemently anti communist convictions. When molotov returned to the conference room to announce the news saying he was visibly unsettled when relaying the information to stalin would be an understatement in a words of pleasure cough.
After having heard the declaration of war stalin sank lower in his chair. Although he said nothing no one stepped in nobody in the room seemed to know what to do next. Although.
The soviet troops on the western border were placed on high alert. The kremlin sent a confusing and contradictory directive that same night that ordered them to not yield to any provocation in many locations german commandos intercepted the order and in places that it was received it was met with furrowed brows and head scratching over 600000. Men died.
During the first 20 days of the war and the germans thanks to stalins oversight pushed on relentlessly those worst days were the start of the largest land invasion in history in its wake. Five and a half million germans romanians hungarians italians and finns lay dead. Along with eight and a half million to 10 million soviets.
When the germans were finally stopped. It was at great cost. But the soviets showed the world that the vermont was not invincible in forced hitler to divert troops to the eastern front making.
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Id also like to thank those working on the armchair history team for making this video possible thanks again. And ill see you next time on d day. .

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-4
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-4

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