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With tables in indesign. So tables are a efficient method for communicating a large amount amount of information and it really is an important component of any layout application sos go ahead and create a table and then talk a little bit more about how we can customize or format. That table applying strokes and fills and using table styles or cell styles so to create a table.
Im going to go up to my table menu now before i do that notice everything is grayed out a table is regarded as text. So it can only be created in a text frame. So i need to go ahead and create a text frame and i can do that a number of different ways.
I can im actually going to take my type tool and just click and drag here to create a text frame. So you can see with my selection tool that i have a frame here so because the tables are created or treated as text. They can only be edited with the type tool as well if i select my table once i have it built with my selection tool.
I will modify the actual frame here not the table and at the end will actually hide. The guides and hide these frame edges so that its not a distraction with our actual table. So now that i have a text frame.
Im going to go up to my table and again not being able to insert it because i just said i need to use the type tool. Okay so type tool is active here. And i have my text box now if i do a table.
I can insert a table okay. So this is the first method to get started and we get our insert table dialog box and here. I can specify the number of rows and columns for the table now the default width of the cells is determined by the number of columns and the width of the text frame.
We can customize that later on so i can choose maybe i want four rows six columns header rows and columns.

how to make a table in indesign-0
how to make a table in indesign-0

I can specify those as well basically a header or a footer is a cell thats repeated. When the table is divided between frames or pages. And i would specify that here in this insert dialog box this insert table dialog box.
I do have an option after the fact after ive built my table. I can do a convert rows to header or footer command. Thats found under this table menu.
So im going to leave those blank for right. Now click ok and heres my table like i said. The default width of the cells and the cells by the way are the little rectangles each one of these is a considered a cell the rows are horizontal columns are vertical.
So the default width of the cells how long they are is determined by the number of columns that i selected and my text frame box okay now once i have a table built. I can customize it we will frequently go back under my table menu because we do have a lot of options here for instance. Inserting deleting.
Selecting. We have table options and sell. Options.
Remember cells are the individual. Little boxes. Little.
Rectangles and table would be more global similar to a character and paragraph type style.

how to make a table in indesign-1
how to make a table in indesign-1

The other thing that i want to have open here. And i dont want to lose my selected table. I want to open up my table panel.
So we do have a panel. Thats specifically for tables so go to your window menu go under type and a tables and choose table. So this is the table panel and you can see it comes along with table styles and cell styles.
Those are very similar to paragraph styles or character styles that weve already dealt with so in my table panel. I can choose some options here you can see that my rows are at 4 and my columns are at i could increase that right here notice that i increased that number of rows. I also have a row height and a column width.
So if i know a specific amount that i want my width in my height. And it can be an at least four sort of a minimum or i can do an exact if i do exactly i can specify an exact amount here maybe i want this to be one inch. And i have one selected one row selected because my cursor is in this first cell.
If i select everything here then lets go ahead and do that again exactly and lets type one im going to press tab now you can see that i have each of my cells. Being exactly one inch high the black is just indicating that its selected at this point all right so thats the table panel. And it really is this panel is really a command center.
You can see a lot of my options are quickly. Accessible here rather than going under my table menu and locating things up here. So you always want to have this table panel open when youre working in tables.
Now applying strokes and fills to a table.

how to make a table in indesign-2
how to make a table in indesign-2

This is the way that we can customize our tables. We know that color helps improve visual interest right now tables pretty boring if we add some color its going to help visually improve that interest and also helps improve the impact of the information to our audience so to make a selection. We need to of course use our type tool.
Remember that that selection tool does the frame and when i select that you can see the frame is selected so we need to make sure that we have our type tool selected and i can make a selection with the type tool of a single frame when i have my cursor inside there that single cell is selected. I can do multiple cells by clicking and dragging. I can do an entire row.
If you navigate to the very edge. Youll be able to select an entire row or an entire column. So now i can use many different methods for applying stroke or fill.
So with some with a a column here selected. I can choose a fill color and of course remember. This is the highlight color thats not the actual color until i deselect so dont let that highlighting effect make you be concerned with it what actual color is being applied.
So i can do some coloring here very very easy to do using the swatches or my even my stroke panel to modify stroke weight. I can also use my table menu and again. I want to select up here.
My table menu and i can choose some options here for instance. In my table. Options.
I can choose an alternating row or alternating column.

how to make a table in indesign-3
how to make a table in indesign-3

Lets do alternating row and i did stroke now when i open this i can also go to fills. So its kind of everything is located here in my table options so if i wanted to alternate my fills. I choose an alternating pattern maybe i want every other row you can already see whats happening in its a sort of a combined effect with the coloring that i already had indicated so those are ways and of course a lot of options here youll want to make sure that your preview is on so you can see what is happening.
If i click ok. Theres my alternating row. So i got kind of a weird color pattern going on right now but just to demonstrate thats something that you can do now the table styles and cell styles.
They work exactly like paragraph styles character styles so the table styles youre able to apply strokes and fills to a table. And then you can create future tables with this exact formatting. So if i click new here.
Heres my new table style. I can also go under my menu and do new table style. When i go to the my menu.
Just as the paragraph and character styles. Do i open up my dialog box. When i choose new it just goes ahead and based set on what ive got selected so here i can navigate and she look at my table set up such as my you know my borders spacing row and column information for strokes.
Heres my fills so all of this again i can save and if i name this will just mean this example and there it is so now i can use this on other tables within. This document. I can also import this to other documents.
So if youve created some table or style cell styles you can certainly have them saved with this document. But if i open another document. I can go ahead and load those styles so again save yourself some time so thats the basics of building a table and applying strokes and fills to a table and the potential of table styles and sell side.

how to make a table in indesign-4
how to make a table in indesign-4

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