Wow Newbie guide: How to chat

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And welcome to my guide on how to play world of warcraft today. Illll show you how to check to other players okay. What we do just press by default itll be satan.
So its normal white text. When you type something in say and press enter just the people around you in your immediate area. Who are going to be able to read that okay so thats how to use your just talk to the players around you okay.
Its very good if youre in a party and someone doesnt really silly they die theyre out of earshot you can bag them out behind their back. So its great that aspect. Okay if you want to talk to anybody in the general area.
So at the moment. I mean coastlands if i want everybody and ghost limbs to read what im saying press enter forward slash one which brings up journal chat. If i want to give a a warning that theres say ten people or players from the opposite faction heading somewhere.

how to talk in general chat wow-0
how to talk in general chat wow-0

I can give a warning in general defense or local defense. Which is forward slash. Now if youre in a city.
Theres also trade chat. Where you buy and sell stuff. And ill cover all of the jargon for that later you can also join guild recruitment chat if theres a few other chats you can do there and you can even create your own chat channel.
Then you can have people to come and talk to you so its completely up to you what you do with your chat. Okay now if you want to talk to other party. Members its enter p for party.
Okay and its just people in your party. That can read that if youre in a raid. Its enter for such raid of course in this case.

how to talk in general chat wow-1
how to talk in general chat wow-1

Im going in a raid party and theres also raid warning. I love this this is great would you bring up a orange text. There and everybody in your party can read that its good okay now if youre in a guild.
You just g pick your chat. If you want to talk to a player privately. Its a whisper theres a few different ways you can do that you can either just click on the name.
If you see it anywhere in your chat. Window or you can type them name. In manually by going w.
Space type. In the name and hit space. Again and automatically whispers just type.

how to talk in general chat wow-2
how to talk in general chat wow-2

In what you need and press. Enter and send them a whisper or you can click on the player. If they are around you right click on their little face pain.
There. And select whisper again that whispers. Okay.
So once the player whispers back to you is press. Enter for such ah. And its applying to them.
Okay you can customize your little chat window here. Ill show you how to do that so if we go to general help you and we want to create a new window for this one. We just want it to be whisper.

how to talk in general chat wow-3
how to talk in general chat wow-3

So we type that in as window name and accept it. So you see your little tab. Here is now whisper.
You unlock window. And you drag it over here. Now if you right click again and hit settings.
It lets you customize what you want so i only want people whispering me in that we know and i dont want them whispering me in this window. So we go to settings down here and we just take away whisper here we go so anytime. I whisper somebody itll now come up here.
So it doesnt get eaten up by trade chat. When im in the city. Very very handy okay.
Thats pretty much it for chat play around with it theres random things you may discover new ones. So not very well known you can also just do customer. Which is e and you could type in whatever you want okay and there we go see as its something similar to say only the people in the area around you can see what youre doing there there we go thats how you use cheque.

how to talk in general chat wow-4
how to talk in general chat wow-4

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